OZO Urnill
Urine Odour Neutralizer & Urinal Scale Remover
OZO Urinill combats with the tuff urinal scale and Urine Odour in restrooms. The OZO Urinill will dissolve and remove uric acid, a source of restroom odours and hard water scale build up in urinals and toilets. Monthly application will remove scale, rust, and other debris from traps and under the flush rim.
Size of Container

395 INR
Exclusive of GST

Use For
Urinill G – Urine odor neutralizer is a dry free flowing powder that is the concentrate source of natural bacteria that are genetically capable of neutralizing the odorous effect of urine by supporting the urinal drainage system to adsorb the shock of toxic odorous gases that emit from the urinal commode.
Sprinkle 1 gm of OZO Urinill in the blocked Chiller traps. Use daily for effective results.

Features & Benefits
  • 100% Biodegradable Urine odour neutralizer
  • Urinill attacks the virus and fungi in commode to eliminate bad odour
  • Eliminates scaling of urine in commode
  • Effective for several hours
  • Eco-friendly and Ready to use.

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