OZO P-Sol Booster
Treats blocked drainage pipes.
OZO P-SOL is a biodynamic solution which is specially formulated for clearing of sludge and waste water. The effective Ozo P-SOL drain cleaning technology decomposes sludge to minimum and unblocks the choked drainage pipes.P-SOL reduces the maintenance cost of the drainage system by eliminating the use of other chemicals such as chlorine, Alum, Etc
Size of Container

349 INR

Used For
Ozo P-Sol Booster a dry free flowing powder is a concentrated source of hydrolytic probiotic product which aids in reducing BOD,COD levels as well as reducing the sludge volumes odour and colour in the effluent.

OZO P-SOL BOOSTER is bio-dynamic catalyst that increases the sludge clearing action in pipes and drainage systems. The liquid sludge is always afloat and needs a catalyst that breaks up the long, complex waste molecules (Hydrolytic reaction) into smaller pieces, which can then be digested directly by the bacteria.

Features & Benefits
  • Remove Odour
  • Reduction in Sludge Volume as the solids in the waste get digested
  • The whole system will be able to better the shock of toxic influent
  • Easier to balance the treatment
  • Bacterial Oxidation of the liquid phase will be faster and more complete

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